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Would you like to enjoy fantastic home-grown produce? Delicious Gardens can help you.

It’s our goal to see every Australian backyard with a productive garden. Whether it be large or small we have the solution to best fit your budget, garden and appetite.

Delicious Gardens focus is on the design, construction and maintenance of edible gardens.

We can provide from small-scale raised vegetable garden beds, to large scale raised beds with surrounding enclosures that will guarantee year-round harvests.

Our services range from standard garden care (e.g. lawn mowing, hedge trimming) to large-scale construction of enclosed gardens.


Delicious Gardens seeks to empower people to convert food from the ‘plot to the plate’.

See our special page: Enclosures, why would you want one?


Call or email us at: info@deliciousgardens.com.au or please call 0439 456 356

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Brogers Creek berries

What a beautiful place, beside the lovely Brogers Creek, this beautiful North-facing garden captures all the imagination of the perfect garden. We contained the berries to the more shaded side of the enclosure with staggered planting, strawberries at the front, Blueberries in the middle and Logan and Raspberries at the back. All of the remaining beds are filled with seasonal vegetables with a small dedicated herb section. These beds are all fed by a fully installed 24 hour water timing system with multiple filters to allow a trouble free watering regime. The crushed granite pathway with weed mat underlay allows for weed free travel between the beds. Like the look? Contact us to see how we could replicate it in your garden.